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If it's worth remembering, it's worth photographing.

If it's an important memory, it's worth hiring a professional photographer.

Whatever your memorable moment, be it a wedding or a weekend with the kids, it's worth the time and the money to capture it for the future. Here are just some of the types of events that I cover.

Candid Portraits

Rather than a stiff formal pose in an intimidating environment, I will come to the location of your choice and photograph you and your child in a relaxed informal environment in which you are comfortable. This gives natural pleasing results that very often you just can't get in a studio.


My approach to wedding photography is to document the event, not just the couple. A common remark heard by people who have looked at one of my wedding albums is “I feel like if I was there….” You will never have another event where you will have so many of your friends andfamily in one place, it makes sense to document this gathering for posterity. Contact me and we'll discuss a package that's tailor made for you.


Whether it's a party, a graduation or some other form of event your photos should leave you with a historical record of the main event and also a view of the details.


If it's photography for advertising or editorial that you need I will work with you to fill your needs.

If you don't see what you are looking for here, contact me and let's discuss your requirements.

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